We are proud to announce our commercial presence in the United States with a Safybox US office in Miami, Florida, and setting up a distribution network across the country.
The aim is to supply from our warehouse in Miami, the United States and Canada but also Central America and the Caribbean, with an agile and immediate service for urgent orders and personal attention in the same time slot.

We are European manufacturers of boxes and cabinets in polyester reinforced with fiberglass and UL / CSA / IEC certification. We introduce our UL range of products, with a very competitive price and focused on a high quality product and service.
Safybox US part of the group Safybox Uriarte, SA, third generation family multinational, founded in 1957 and has production plants in Spain, Poland and Portugal, and commercial deployments in the UK, Equatorial Guinea and now also in the United States, exports its products to over 70 countries.

Among the many applications of our insulated enclosures, include the sectors of electrical distribution, water, gas, telecommunications, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

In addition to our empty standard enclosures, we manufacture low voltage switchgear for different applications, according to customer specifications, from our headquarters in Vizcaya (Spain).

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The character of dynamic, innovative, challenging and with a philosophy of horizontal, close, flexible company with quick decision-making ability and prepared to consider proposals from customers and partners, support the company’s success 60 years in the market, continued growth, thanks to the confidence of our customers.
Please contact us if you want to join as a customer or supplier.

We want to hear your proposals and start together a partnership that lasts for years!
US Export Team


URIARTE SAFYBOX Lucha contra el ébola

Donando fondos para financiar la compra de suero intravenoso a través de Médicos sin Fronteras y distribuir, durante un mes, materiales de prevención para un centro de salud (guantes, jabón, cloro) a través de Save the Children 

Cuando saltaron las primeras alarmas por el brote de Ébola el pasado marzo, equipos de Médicos sin Fronteras acudieron de inmediato a los países afectados en África occidental.   En Médicos Sin Fronteras, cuentan con una larga experiencia en la lucha contra el Ébola y otras fiebres hemorrágicas, interviniendo en prácticamente todos los brotes de los últimos 20 años.   Actualmente, más de 3.000 profesionales de MSF trabajan en primera línea para contener esta epidemia sin precedentes. Desde el principio del brote, se ha ingresado a cerca de 5.000 pacientes, de los cuales 3.200 han dado positivo en las pruebas de Ébola: más de 1.000 se han curado tras recibir tratamiento.   Pero no es suficiente. Millones de personas están amenazadas por el Ébola y la crisis médica y humanitaria que ha generado en África occidental. Las necesidades son enormes y las personas cooperantes, los recursos y los equipos, están al límite de sus capacidades.

A su vez, Save the Children también está trabajando duro en la zona de Liberia y Sierra Leona con un plan que durará 3 años e incluye construir y poner en funcionamiento 2 centros de tratamiento.

URIARTE SAFYBOX aportará su granito de arena y anima a sus amigos y colaboradores a movilizarse y ayudar a detener esta epidemia.

Muchas personas precisan urgentemente de nuestra ayuda.


Asier Uriarte

World Food Programme – Donation

Dear Sarah,,as always it is a pleasure to help WFP 

“Dear Uriarte,

You know that hunger is solvable. It’s why you’ve made a commitment to WFP and the people we serve.

Your donation provides critical, ongoing support in the fight against hunger. Whether it’s providing nutritious school meals to children or sending a lifeline to families when emergencies strike, we depend on you to help save lives.

Below, please find the transaction details pertaining to your donation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at community@wfp.org.

With your support, we’re one step closer to ending hunger.


Sarah Manager, Online Community World Food Programme”

Thanks to you, food is already on its way. We’ve received your donation of:


on Dec 4, 2014

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URIARTE SAFYBOX / MATELEC 2014 See you in Madrid, BOOTH 8E11 from 28 to 31 October 2014.


Once again, we will exhibit at the MATELEC (IFEMA) fair, essential meeting for the Spanish electricity sector, where we want to make you feel at home and introduce some new product.

Select the degree of customization in 3 easy steps:

1) Empty enclosures for your own productions.

  • A wide range of models and sizes in polyester reinforced with fiberglass up to IP66 IK10.

2) Custom Enclosures:

  • We make holes, machining special, windows … accurately and cheaply thanks to our 3D robotic system.
  • We print your Company logo or any design forever, does not come off over the years!
  • Choose your own enclosure: Measures, locks, pedestals … all kinds of accessories and modifications.

3) Full mounted electrical switch gear assemblies:

  • Complete turnkey solutions with all the switchgear for any electrical application, such as Photovoltaic, water, gas, solar, electric vehicles, railways, etc.

And finally in our great new product: CADI SAFYBOX

New range of inspection chambers, manhole covers and conduit for underground infrastructure made ​​of Polyester. It is a substitute material for traditional concrete, fully approved and bringing major economic benefits of installation, transport and storage.


Hope to see you and greet you personally at our booth. Contact for invitations!

See you soon!


Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Uriarte SafyBox takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and donates 100$ to ALS Association. Check out how our Export Team challenge the Bres GRP Cabinet: ice and water falling down and testing IK10 impact resistance and IP66 total isolation. We nominate all our competitors to do the same,… donating!!!!