Uriarte Safybox presents its customized Combiner boxes in Intersolar North America 2014.

Uriarte Safybox, manufacturers of glass reinforced polyester enclosures & the complete electrical assembly for utilities, photovoltaic, railways, electrical vehicles, microgeneration, water, gas, telecom, etc…, will exhibit in the Intersolar US (Booth 8214 Level 2) from 8th to 10th July.

Together with its Safybox range of boxes and cabinets, the company will present:

  • Combiner Boxes IP66 IK10 with monitoring life performance of a real solar plant

Make sure that your solar plant is running at its maximum efficiency all the time!

  • New customization solutions: Laser printing on the door according your LOGO, name of plant, art, etc; all the cut-outs according to your technical drawings with our 3D robots in an economical and efficient manner for any specific project; Also in different colours.

Safety and lifespan are a must!

Multiple factors play a decisive role in the success or failure when choosing your Combiner box (Enclosure protection, Over voltage protection, Over current protection & Monitoring).

Our enclosures are non-corrosive, self-extinguishing & extreme temperatures resistant IP66 IK10 and together with leading solar components & testing facilities, we guaranty the success in all your projects.

We will be pleased to provide you our assistance to meet the best solution for your particular needs.

To set up an appointment with Uriarte Safybox in the exhibition, please contact with: or visit us directly on our stand.


Next workshops to present SMS New Centralization.

Workshops to present SMS new centralization. Aproximate duration: 1 hour


  1. The main innovation and advantages of this new centralization will be explained. (Reduction 40% of the volume and 30% of the weight).
  2. An in-situ set up of a meters centralization to show the installation points which reduces the installation time.  ( Up to 52% reduction in the total time of the installation).
  3. Training on the new program to set up the meters centralizations: CREO SMS.(You can install yourself the configuration of your centralization with this program.)


1st Session 17:30 h.

2nd Session 19:30 h.

Avda. Valdeparra Nº 2 28100 Alcobendas (Madrid)

THUSDAY, 8 MAY 2014 CONFERENCE SOUTH ZONE: HOTEL AR PARQUESUR-LEGANES. 1st Session 17:30 h. 2nd Session 19:30 h. Avda Gran Bretaña s/n. C.C. Parquesur 28916 Leganes (Madrid)

To confirm attendance, please contact 94 455 40 04 telephone number or writing us an e-mail

SMS – Smart Metering System (panel for meters)

We presents the new enclosure system  specially designed for Electronic Meters and Smart Meters.


Non-Metallic modular box panel-system for housing electronic meters and Smart Grids.

SafyBox SMS Enclosure System is an innovative  non-metallic modular box system with many advantages against the traditional  solution:

User friendly :

Assembly time is reduced by a 52%.


Designed to house the new generation of  electronic and smart meters, the SafyBox SMS is a 30% lighter and a 40% smaller  than the traditional panel meters. Easy to transport, carry and stock.
Double insulation fixing points at the side of the  enclosure to facilitate the wall mounting without compromising the IP rating.

The main disconnector, built on a separate enclosure, is  easily switched onto the panel – Modular System.

Fast meter access and installation through the new hinged-lid  system.
Modular system allows multiple variations to add any  number of single or three phase meters.


Safety by Design

*   Putting always safety at first, the  new SafyBox SMS has been specially designed to protect any qualified  professional who needs to interact with the panel.
*   IP-4X Protection grade.
*   EcoBuc maximum safety Fuseholder IP-3X.
*   Strong material: IK-10
*   Self-Extinguishing Material


Spanish Utility Approved and complying with international  standard UNE-60439 External laboratory test available.



SMS (Smart Metering System)

SMS nuevageneración de centralizaciones de contadores


Se trata de un sistema modular aislante para la concentración de contadores electrónicos compatibles con la telegestión y las redes inteligentes, también denominadas Smart Grid y Smart Metering.



El Sistema Safybox SMS supone una importante innovación frente a las centralizaciones convencionales que se han venido instalando hasta  ahora. Continue reading